Automation Systems

Brand Buddy builds systems to automate marketing tasks such as sending lead information to multiple locations at once (ex. Texting you the information and storing it in a Google Spreadsheet) to create a web machine that efficiently completes business processes.

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Ask About Automation Systems


Coats Performance
Kendrique Coats Owner at Coats Performance
Looking back five years ago until now I can't thank Andrew and Brand Buddy for everything they've done from website development, marketing, and finding a secure payment method my customers can trust! Alot of the process we did have set in place is now automated and... Read More
Harty Auction
Bob Harty Owner at Harty Auction Co.
We just wanted a simple way to upload auction salebills with pictures. Before we would have to upload the information to many different locations. Now we only have to upload the information once and it is available throughout the website.
Fund Your College
Maria Prusakowski Owner of Fund Your College
We have had a couple of complex software projects with Brand Buddy, including integration of several systems. We are very pleased with working along with the company! Starting with very good and fair prices according to the real amount of work, fast and professional development, and many feedbacks on how things should work... Read More
Softer Clouds
Amanda Wardell Managing Director at Softer Clouds
We at Softer Clouds are exceptionally happy with the service provided by Brand Buddy and the ensuing relationship between us that has blossomed. As such, it is our recommendation without a doubt that Brand Buddy be at the top of your list when considering an ad partner or pre-built so... Read More
FFA Organization
Jesse Faber Director of Pontiac FFA
We have had the website for just over a year. Provides a professional and user friendly platform for our group.

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